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Grow Catering Sales and Streamline Order Management

Learn how our clients are generating $500+ catering check averages, leveraging the same system as their everyday orders with built-in B2B corporate catering account management features. 

Clean Juice Catering

Test Drive Catering for Free

An exclusive offer for our Cater Community to tap into the same
platform that generates $500+ check averages for our catering clients.

30 Day Trial

Test drive our catering platform for 30 days with free setup to tap into the same platform our clients are leveraging to generate higher check averages with corporate catering capabilities. 

$0/30 days

$0 setup fee + 30 days free of charge
  • All features, no limits
  • Access to all management features
  • 1% transaction fee for all tiers

< 1000 Locations

Tiered pricing based on locations signing - tap into house accounts, custom UI, loyalty, streamlined POS-integration, marketing CRM, and more. 


1% transaction fee per order

  • Custom UI & POS-integration
  • Access to all management features
  • Automation & CRM

1000+ Locations

Tiered pricing based on locations signing - leverage the same capabilities we offer all of our enterprise clients but at a more cost-effective rate per location - leaving even more profit with your restaurant. 


1% transaction fee per order

  • Custom UI & POS-integration
  • Access to all management features
  • Automation & CRM

Order Management

Take complete control over the customer order
journey and back-end order management. 


Enter Orders from Backend

Offer a white-glove experience by building orders on the customers' behalf and sending order quotes. 



Unlock the ability to work with schools, churches, hospitals, and other tax-free organizations without the complicated paperwork.

House Accounts

House Accounts

Tap into dynamic invoices, statements, and reporting, plus built-in characteristics like discounts and tax-exempt status.

Ordering Experience

Smooth Ordering Experience

Leverage custom menus, branding, and streamlined UI. Deliver a best-in-class ordering experience for your customers.

Catering Loyalty

Catering Loyalty

Employ catering-only loyalty programs or shared loyalty with your app and web ordering.


All Channels,
One System

Tap into POS-integrated order catering through the same experience as your mobile and web channels, converting takeaway guests to catering.


Catering Marketing CRM

Run automated customer re-engagement, abandoned cart, favorite products or packages, and more with real-time catering guest data.

Automated Prep Sheets

Automated Prep Sheets

Auto-generate custom, detailed kitchen prep sheets minimizing waste and insuring accuracy across every order.

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Client Success Stories

Lunchbox Catering clients see $500+
check averages on B2B catering orders.

Tacombi Launches 
Online Catering
Tacombi Catering

Access the case study to learn how Tacombi grew its catering business to a projected $1M in annual sales, earning over 75% corporate catering clients, and a $640 check average.

Bareburger Catering
Bareburger Catering

Access the case study to learn how Bareburger grew its catering sales by 24% MoM on average, leveraging innovative tech and marketing strategies.

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can help you grow your catering sales.